Arouna & Biko – Bamanaya Siri Album Out Now

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As artists, activists, musicians, and creators, we spend our lives honing our craft. We grow through adversity and challenges to learn a deeper respect for the arts and the mediums by which we channel our creativity energy. Some call it the muse, some call it a spark, but regardless of any labels, art is undeniably humanity’s unique contribution to the world. While a painting can be seen in a glance, the endless days, hours, and moments that went into it’s creation can never truly be understood, only appreciated and admired. The same goes for the recording and production of an album. Musicians put their entire life of experience, emotion, and passion into a few minutes of song meant to capture and invigorate the hearts and souls of the listener. This much is true for the debut album from Arouna and Biko entitled “Bamanaya Sira” which translates to “the many branches of the ancient culture.”   This record is a dedication to the continuation of tradition, which exists to help people connect to their past while simultaneously empowering their present and shaping their future.

Having met in Ghana for the first time, even though Arouna Diarra and Biko Casini didn’t speak the same language they connected musically in a deep and powerful way. Several years later they met again at a small wine bar in Asheville, North Carolina, playing an entire concert together before remembering that they had met several years prior.  Now, after performing hundreds of shows they are releasing their first album. Working together with their amazing band, they have created a musical tapestry, a weave of folk, world, and West African rhythms.

While descriptions can hardly do this album justice, the music and lyrics certainly honor both the many traditions and cultures that this album draws from, but also encapsulates the beauty and rich heritages of Arouna and Biko and celebrates the marriage of West African and American music in a uniquely fundamental form that traces the history of how African music originally came to North America.

This is world music at it’s finest and it is with sincere pleasure that ComeToLife.com presents: Arouna and Biko “Bamanaya Sira.”  We invite you to listen to the album and buy your copy of the vinyl today and support these amazing artists on their mission to unite cultures and communities with song!