AROUNA + BIKO : Champions Live

‘Champions’ is the first single off of Arouna Diarra and Biko Casini’s new album, Bamanaya Sira.  This song was written after touring for three weeks on the Salish Sea.  Biko Casini recalls how this oceanic journey inspired him to write this beautiful song, saying “the sound of the water dissolved my sense of individuality and gave life to the feeling that I exist as a part of a larger being. It is a song about navigating love as it changes and grows, transforming from a bond between two people into an awareness that love encompasses all that surrounds it. We are more powerful when the fire of our heart burns for something greater than ourselves. It is my prayer that we all find the deepest river of our love and allow it to carry us fiercely through our lives and beyond.”

This intimate performance of “Champions” by Arouna and Biko was recorded in the Come to Life Studio on Salt Spring Island, BC. Directly following the tracking of their record Bamanaya Sira, Arouna, Biko, and their wonderful band set up to capture a couple of the album’s songs live.  Come to Life is honoured to share this epic song written and sung by Biko Casini; it is a true classic and one sure to travel the world, finding it’s home in many hearts.