Arouna + Biko : Ngoni Blues Live

An album years in the making. An alliance of brothers across bloodlines and generations. The meeting of cultures. A fusion of earthen instruments with mighty spirit and potent intention. Combining the masterful percussion of Biko Casini from Rising Appalachia and the majestic Ngoni and Balafon of Arouna Diarra, these two timeless souls have come together to create a musical tapestry, a weave of folk, world, and West African rhythms.  Come To Life is proud to present a live performance of “Ngoni Blues”, the first single from the debut album “Bamanaya Siri” from Arouna and Biko! 

Ngoni Blues: “Yaala” is a traveling song that celebrates the profound highs and lows, uncertainties, and continual new horizons of life as a musician.  If not for a dear love of music, the kindness of friends, and the feeling of positive change, it would not be possible to walk the challenging road of a traveling musician.  These are some of the thoughts and experiences that Arouna has drawn from in creating “Yaala”, the Ngoni Blues.

It has been our great honor to support this beautiful project and we look forward to sharing the album with you in full when we release it on April 19th!