The California Honeydrops – In The Air | The Pinecone Series – Episode 2

The California Honeydrops span a vast range of emotions through their creations, from tongue-in-cheek witty tunes laden with double entendres to some of the most touchingly introspective songs about loss and love. They can whisk you away to where a cooling rain falls through an open window into a hot room in the height of summer, and also remind you of the levity, playfulness and comedy of our human ways.

The Honeydrops were born when guitarist and trumpeter Lech Wierzynkski and drummer Ben Malament began busking in an Oakland subway station and have since grown into a jubilant seven piece band. In this episode of The Pinecone Series, Lech and Ben were joined by Lorenzo Loera on guitar and Beau Bradbury on bass.

They’re performing a new song “In The Air” which we thought was rather fitting for a tune performed in a treehouse.