Cassandra Lewis – Beautiful | The Pinecone Series

The Pinecone Series features intimate live video performances recorded in a geodesic treehouse hanging high in a redwood forest in Santa Cruz, California.

Cassandra Lewis is a thunderous force of nature; a self-proclaimed “Stoop Kid” who responds quite affectionately and gracefully to the name “Grammy.” Encompassing a whole Venn diagram of Janis Joplin, Mama Cass & Dolly Parton, their voice can slip between lullaby and the harrowing wails of a midnight freight train in the passing of a breath. The Pinecone Series discovered Cassandra through good friends at The Buckminster Fuller Institute and The Mushroom Farm, and were perplexed as to why their name wasn’t already on our lips. So, here’s our chance to introduce you to this elusive musician performing their original song “Beautiful.”

Cassandra tours extensively throughout the US, as well as internationally, and is currently in the studio chipping away at a new album soon to be released.

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