Elevated Dreams: A Q+A with O2 Treehouse Founder Dustin Feider

    Over the last 14 years, Oakland-based O2 Treehouse has constructed structures all over the world with the purpose of further bridging the gap between man and nature, fostering harmony, and enhancing relationships through time spent at new heights. For founder Dustin Feider, who has a background in sculpture and furniture design, building these […]

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Dirtwire – Steppegrass | The Pinecone Series – Episode 1

Perched high above the forest floor lies an other-worldly glass, steel and wood structure, one that has now become a Mecca of sorts for musicians and makers of all kinds. Reflecting the magical stillness of the redwoods, as well as the power of Mother Earth, playing in The Pinecone is an experience unlike any other, […]

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