Come To Life Austin Gathering – Dirtwire | Ley Line | Desert Dwellers

Jasmine. Everywhere we went in Austin there was jasmine. It seemed to be blooming on the side of every house, between the green trees and boulders of Barton Creek and the Colorado River. The smell had a way of fusing our mood with a grace and ease that must be a part of springtime in the south. We smelled excitement too, because something new was being created in the live music capital. 
Come To Life Music and Guayaki Yerba Mate decided to bring forth a new concept upon this special city and to call in a convergence of what we want to see more of in the world. The idea is simple, but the combinations of how to put it together, and the subsequent outcomes are complex. Get some great musicians together, go do something communal and regenerative wherever we go, share yerba mate, and then put on a show – a really good show. 
So we called upon Dirtwire and Ley Line, masterful soul cowboys of mystery and the local world bridging folk sirens of Austin, to help us build this new way to gather. Before the show we all went and took a long walk through the Barton Springs nature reserve. We picked up trash with little ones in tow and sang songs about the cool water we were dipping our toes into. The desire for rejuvenation worked, maybe too well. As Ley Line sang water songs, rain started to pour for the first time in weeks, filling the aquifer as we played our instruments under the trees and shared hot gourds of mate to keep warm.
When the day of show arrived, the energy was electric. Two dozen cebadores had come to the city to help spread the word of our show with every university student, yoga class, grocery store and climbing gym in town. We transformed the legendary Mohawk theatre throughout the day into our own rainforest of light. 
There was a surprise in store for those who gathered, our Nitro Mate that came out cold and clean with just three simple ingredients: water and yerba mate tapped on nitrogen. Simple, yet complex. Its effect could be felt as folks arrived from all corners of the city. The buzz was in the air, or maybe it was more of that sweet jasmine smell, and when the music began, you really could feel it. 
Community, celebration, and the sense that things were changing, because something good had come along. Ley Line sang beautifully, Dirtwire whipped the crowd into a powerful force of wild dance, and to finish Desert Dwellers took the lucid, mate drinking crowd into a transcendent ride to reach the end of the night.
Come to Life Austin was a success in our books – the city, musicians, friends, mate, and intentions flowed in unified alignment in a way that left all who attended asking the same question: When is the next Come To Life gathering?…hint, its in Vermont.