Come To Life: Colorado

Colorado, you are a state defined by the most incredible landscape. Your people have a zest for life, a penchant for celebration, and drive to act upon your laurels that is inspirational to say the least.

What you may not know, is that you are also resilient and regenerative and are leading the way to how the future should look: A world where all people and places are treated with respect and reverence. A future that is full of abundance, second chances, and inspiration that gives EVERYONE the opportunity follow their dreams.
That is why Guayaki has chosen Colorado for our groundbreaking Come to Life convergence. We are setting forth with the goal to show how communities, ecosystems, and people can do more than sustain, but go beyond to regenerate and thrive.

How are we doing this?

This September and October, Guayaki Yerba Mate’s music collective Come to Life presents a month-long event series Come To Life: Colorado featuring concerts, farm to table feasts, gatherings that connect us via art and music, late night dance parties, and action days teaming up with nonprofits to bring awareness to the importance of regenerating communities.
There will be music events to bring us together. Public art murals to remind us that every space holds beauty. Farm to table dinners to celebrate the power of organic food and community.
Join us for a series of events revolving around intention and action in Denver, Boulder, and Fort Collins. We will reshape the way we gather, support seeds of resilience, and leave a positive impact.
Come to Life, Colorado. #ComeToLife

What is this event series supporting? 

Our series is building awareness and funds for the Caring 4 Denver initiative. It is a November 2018 Denver ballot measure that will provide $45M annually for essential mental health and addiction services in our community. The funds will be generated from a general sales and use tax at a rate of 25 cents on the $100 which cannot supplant existing funding sources for mental health programs in Denver. Specifically, the initiative supports mental health services for children and adults, suicide prevention programs, opioid treatment and recovery programs and general programs geared toward at-risk communities.

The Caring 4 Denver campaign will be focused on sharing stories of people in our community, and we hope to further promote that!

For direct contributions to Caring 4 Denver, follow the link here.



Sat, SEP 8 & SEP 9
Colorado CRUSH
RiNo Arts District: Denver, CO
As part of the CRUSH art festival, we will be interviewing several ex-prisoner pro muralists who use art to not only unify urban city streets, but regenerate their own lives. Read more about the Yerba Mate fueled Colorado CRUSH festival and the artists who will be featured.

Sat, SEP 15  (6 pm – 2 am)
Swaylo Nights 
Invisible City: Denver, CO
Our official Come to Life: Colorado kick off event opens up with an intimate dinner and ends with a late night dance party. BLK MKT Presents hosts a night of meditation, communal eating, and connecting on the dance floor.
For those who purchase the full package – the night will begin with an offering to tune in! Manifestation, Meditation & Mezcal by Lizzie Aguirre. Set goals and create the life you dream of by diving deep into connective and expansive inner and outer meditation. Following the journey inward we will close the energy with a community based intentional mezcal tasting and farm to table dinner experience fully equipped with the communal benefits of sipping yerba mate! Plus, we will bring attention to how we can regenerate our community with awakening prose from a Caring 4 Denver guest speaker. The evening will not only leave you feeling good, but doing good!


Mon, SEP 24  (10am – 3pm)
Guayaki Foundation Art Exhibit
Ozo Coffee, Pearl St: Boulder, CO
Learn about the Guayaki Foundation’s mission of creating vibrant communities and healthy ecosystems through a series of photographs and paintings. Event open to the public. Art sales will be donated to Fundación Agroecológica Iguazú.


Thurs, SEP 27  (5 – 8 pm)
Rising Appalachia Pre-Show Gathering
Phil Lewis Gallery: Boulder, CO
Join us for a gathering that will prepare us for a weekend of musical serenades from Rising Appalachia and Lyla June. The night will inspire and build awareness around how we can play our part to regenerate the Colorado community. Meet members of Rising Appalachia and hear a  discussion on resiliency and regeneration among a variety of experts in our beloved Rocky Mountain community. David Brown, guitarist and bassist for Rising Appalachia, will be performing under his electronic project Castanea. Attendees will be entered to win prizes: free concert tickets, yerba mate, & art! 



Fri, SEP 28  (Doors 7:30 pm, show 8 pm)
Rising Appalachia w/ Lyla June
Boulder Theater: Boulder, CO


Sat, SEP 29   (Doors 6 pm, show 8 pm)
Rising Appalachia w/ Lyla June
Mishawaka Amphititheatre: Bellvue, CO


Mon, Oct 1st  (2 pm – 7 pm) 
Caring 4 Denver Convergence Ft. Members of Rising Appalachia
Auraria Campus: Denver, CO
We will gather to raise awareness on an exciting initiative –  Caring 4 Denver – through live musical performances, art, food trucks, and a variety of expert speakers.

Sat, Oct 6th  (Doors 8 pm, show 9 pm)
Come to Life: Colorado Showcase
Ophelia’s Magic Soapbox: Denver, CO
Bringing a night of uplifting music and powerful, creative performances to Denver with The Human Experience, Gone Gone Beyond (The Human Experience project), Pendulum People, Biko Casini, & Arouna Diarra.

sister gardens


Sat, Oct 13th  (12 pm – extended to 8 pm)
Harvest Party
Sister Gardens: Denver, CO
Join us for farm to table community gathering, including live music, family activities, workshops and more at the beautiful Sister Gardens at Aria. More information to come!