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By the candle light of a cool summer evening, a trio of singers, sirens if you will, gathered by the seaside to sing an old irish folk tune in a sailboat anchored in the far islands of the sailish sea. The adventures that followed spanned many islands, many farms, and bridged many worlds and hearts. Combining the traditional instruments, folk-song and visions of living gardens and vibrant connections, a merry band of artists embarked on an adventure traveling island to island by sailboat, bringing music and good cheer to farms and communities all across the Coast Salish Seas for the adventure of a life time in a story called SEA TO SEED. Sung by Leah and Chloe of Rising Appalachia and featuring Peia, Handsome Molly is first track from the Sea to Seed Adventure, and it is with great pleasure we introduce this song to you.

“Handsome Molly is a beautiful old courtship ballad our father used to sing to us when we were little girls growing up in Georgia. It has its roots in both traditional Irish and Appalachian ballad singing and tells the universal stories longing, leaving, the quest for a homeland, and the perils of love. We sang this song with the lovely Peia as we all crossed the Salish Sea by sail boat, reworking every nautical melody we could find, and coveting the old sea shanties. This one fit perfectly, and you can hear the creaks of the boat in the background. We release this song on the winter solstice to cultivate warmth into the long dark with a mystical folk ballad.”

-Leah Song

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