LA CHARO – Pachamama Live

Our featured song “Sumaj Pachamama”, sung by LA CHARO in the Quechua language, set the tone for a recent Come to Life Salt Spring Convergence as an invocation of North and South, eagle and condor, art, craft and culture.

Pachamama. Mother Earth. A lineage of tribes and people from all over the world living in connection to the earth beneath our feet. How do we describe the connection between a person and the planet? Between a mother and her children? Between what is ancient and what is new? Music is the timeless medium by which the ethereal and the earthly have long been intertwined. Melodies and rhythms woven into traditions that share stories of generations. Harmonies that remind us of something deeper than our own memory. An expression of the spiritual that transcends from the physical. Just as music unites and inspires, places too can bring people together and create a sense of family, a sense of revelry, a sense of purpose.

LA CHARO is the solo project of multi-instrumentalist Charo Bogarín. She is the co-founder of Tonolec, an Argentine duo that has for over 15 years fused electronic music with the ancestral songs of regional indigenous communities. The charango, the legüero drums, the Venezuelan cuarto and guitar, are among the main instruments with which she performs live and composes her songs.