Natural Mystic/Just a Little Bit feat. Jack Johnson | Playing For Change | Song Around The World

Come To Life is excited to announce our newest collaboration. Beginning June 2018 we’ll be supporting Playing For Change as they release their “Listen to the Music” series. Today’s adventure takes us from the Congo to Hawaii and everywhere in between with the presentation of “Natural Mystic/Just A Little Bit”; an incredible rendition of a Bob Marley classic infused with an original song by Paula Fuga.

Combining Bob Marley’s timeless call to face the truth, with the soothing and hope filled voice of Oahu’s own Paula Fuga, this is both a beautiful wake up call and a balm for the troubles of our times. With a wonderful sonic array of players from all across the globe including supporting vocals from iconic singer-songwriter Jack Johnson, Playing for Change once again proves that there are no longer any borders or boundaries that can contain music and the open hearts of those who wish to share it with the rest of the world.

Featuring this diverse collection of iconic artists, “Natural Mystic/Just A Little Bit” is a potent reminder that that which makes humanity so diverse can also be our greatest uniting factor. Follow the links below to watch “Natural Mystic/Just A Little Bit”, connect with Playing For Change and Come To Life on social media, and to keep up to date on the “Listen To The Music Series” all summer long.