Premier: Xiuhtezcatl – S.W.Y.M. (Official Lyric Video)

“I’ve been defining my musical identify for years. It’s been a work in progress since I began performing at age 11, when my brother and I would sing on street corners of protests.⁣

I’m now experiencing the greatest moment of change and evolution of that journey. This song is about not letting other peoples ego’s, demons, and dysfunctions get in the way of my process. Everyone seems to be constantly talking behind someone else’s back and I’m over it. This type of dialogue- whether in family dynamics, relationships, or the movements I’m involved in- always leads to chaos and bad energy. This track is a commentary on adults acting like children who cannot communicate clearly and honestly.⁣

I believe I’m here for a reason. I have a lot of people I’m fighting for. My ancestors didn’t sacrifice everything they did for my journey to be slowed down by gossip and back talking. Say what you mean foo. Either get on board or get out the way. We need to be building bridges and running together. Anybody not in that space is going to get left behind.⁣⁣

This song foreshadows a lot of the creative vibes I’ve been exploring lately. The visuals reflect some of the little moments I’ve captured in the last year, most of which are from the Verano Tour I wrapped up in August. These super raw moments and memories are a major part of this new creative era. The beginning of a whole new wave. More free and inspired than ever.”⁣