Rasta Children feat. Nattali Rize | Playing For Change | Song Around The World

Come To Life is proud to announce the next chapter of our collaboration with Playing For Change with another “Song Around The World” from the Listen To The Music Series, we are excited to share this inspiring rendition of “Rasta Children”. This amazing roots song by the late great Dennis Emmanuel Brown is a poignant track for the times that really comes to life in true Playing For Change fashion with an amazing cast of musicians in breathtaking locations from Brazil to Jamaica, the Congo and more. Smooth and powerful reggae rhythms accompany harmonious vocals featuring singers and musicians from all around the world including the brilliant lyricist and vocalist Nattali Rize out of Australia along with Jamaica’s own Brushy One String.

Featuring a unique and diverse collection of iconic artists, “Rasta Children” is a potent chant that calls us all to the higher heights of Mount Zion while we rise above the challenges and focus on reaching the promised land. We over at Come To Life are honored to be involved in another amazing collaboration and look forward to sharing more in depth content with our friends at Playing For Change.