Sea To Seed | An Ode To The Captains

An ode to the captains.  To the sage navigators,  windcatchers and salty humored ones. To the keen eyes sharpened fast and steering us on from dusk till dawn, through the long hours that lay beyond. 

This final episode of Sea To Seed is an ode to the captains,  to whom we are ever grateful for plotting our course through the many long winded sails,  late nights and early mornings departure. 

On the final day of the tour I had the pleasure of being a board the mighty Libertatia as she sailed from Nanaimo back to Fulford harbor on Salt Spring Island. Our work was done, there were no more schedules to meet or shows to race to, so we sat back and took in the sun and vernal beauty of the Sailish Sea, rolling along at a leisurely pace.  Before long the instruments were out and our captains sang an old-time tune to the late afternoon sun, along with first mate Jacob on accordion. We share this with you now to acknowledge their spirit of mirth, ease, diligence and generosity that quite literally kept us afloat throughout the tour.

The poem you hear is entitled Sea Fever by John Masefield (1902.) This salt-water-ballad distinctly expresses the sentiment we felt at the end of our time on Sea to Seed. The slow life spurred by wind and water, the long hours to sing, share stories, whittle spoons or just gaze out at the horizon filled our cups and left us all wanting for more.